Sovereignty pituitary glands

From a vision perspective the March 11th 2011, 9.0 Japanese earth quake will ultimately prove to be one of those tipping points in our history. The solutions lie in reclaiming our personal sovereignty and creating an equitable world congruent with our inherent purpose and design.

We all have a brain with some very interesting chemicals and most of us do not know how to use the brain or access the chemicals in our brain. A fundamental question for each of us is what is going on with your pituitary gland today? For when we have mastery over our pituitary gland, the rest takes care of itself. With enough pituitary secretions, we can brain map shift from the alpha to the delta brain state, increasing brain bandwidth from 2000 bytes/sec to 4 billion bytes/sec.

Problems seemingly insurmountable at 2000 bytes/sec, become child's play at the higher brain bandwidth. The normal reaction to the notion of kicking it up to the higher bandwidths is that this will entail a great effort, WRONG, what could be more natural than using the brain as it was designed to be used vs the dysfunction of what we are doing with it now.

Like a duck takes to water you can quite easily kick up your consciousness bandwidth by reactivating your atrophied but golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. Anyone who has hit a DMT pipe will tell you that your brain is capable of processing 10,000 years of intense emotional experiential, binary, visuals, hieroglyphic uploads in ten frickin minutes. I went from being, a not so Civil Engineer, to a gold making Alchemist in two years. For Christ sake folks, kick it up!

The instructions on rejuvenating your golden glands are here:

To see an Alchemist at work in his lab making real gold in a kitchen microwave oven go to:

The blog is meant to be read from the bottom up. Go to the right panel in Blog Archive start at the bottom and read in order upwards. In reading the blog, keep in mind the intent of expressed criticisms, of state of world affairs, are meant only to be an observed basis of, what is not very desirable, and at the same time to be the basis of clarity, to state and define what is desired of the world. Not making this important clarification would put this work in violation of the universal Laws of Allowing, and from that place of judgment, it would not have the power that it does.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

200 km of barren tide flats inland coastal waters of Vancouver Island

When Fukushima occurred 3.5 years ago I knew in my heart this was a watershed event for the planet. We have seen lie after lie from the media subservient to the Nuclear lobby and vested interests. Government agencies there to safeguard the public good inexplicably shut down their monitoring stations and quit reporting the elevated radiation levels. Hot plutonium particles arrived within days and within the month the infant mortality rates jumped dramatically.

This link will take you to a youtube video and I warn you this video will leave you with a heavy heart.

Shame on the marine biologist who have the expertise to document this global disaster and are mummly sitting on their hands. Shame on the environmental groups who have not said a word for three years. It took a Cape Briton Nova Scotia diver with his own meagre funds to go our in a boat and photo map the obvious destruction. Please support Dana Durnford and Terry Daniels in their heroic efforts to further document this tragedy.

To the public, if this 200 km inland stretch of coastal tide waters is representative of the longer coast line from the Aleutians and the Baja you have to appreciate that this is an extinction event. This coast is normally full of thousands of species of marine and plant life. Dana reported that there not even insects, crows, seagulls, all the bull kelp is gone.

Japan has to be taken to the ICC and charged for wilful negligence for this disaster and the world community has to take over the clean up the Fukushima nuclear site.

This is thousands of time worse than Chernobyl and that killed a million people and destroyed thousands of square miles of the environment.

The whole Fukushima narrative is meant to confuse the public at large. To cut through this noise we have to see the real nuclear disaster in terms of lethal dosages emitted. Over four hundred nuclear plants around the world must be shut down and decommissioned as soon as possible. Don't buy their crap about needed this source of power, bullshit! I have been in the new energy innovation space most of my life and there are dozens of cleaner cheaper sources of power generation that have been blocked from commercialization by the vested interests and the politicians in their employ.


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

TPTB (Archoistic Intrigue) vs TWMF (The Well Meaning Folks)

These two groups are in the process of clashing agendas’ that will not bode well for the planet. My personal experience with each group informs me to the extent, their nature and modus operandi. We have been here before and suffice to say the least; I have a petty opinion on the matter.

TPTB, the first thing that comes to mind here is their intellectual range, no getting around the fact that they are supremely intelligent and at the same time, bereft moralistic empathy. The end totally justifies the means, and without hesitation.

In a word, controlling.

TWMF, distinguish themselves in their gullibility, dumber than a sack of hammer handles. They will believe anything and do.

In a word, righteous.

My transition from technology engineer developer to now an outed gold making Alchemist necessitated becoming an “Allower” as defined by the Abraham Teachings. Judgmental opinions have a price and limiting dynamics the Alchemist can ill afford. One can not become an Alchemist without learning how to work with incomprehensible data sets dispassionate perspective. Logic and empirical reason will only result in futility and empty assay cupels.

In this train wreck we call our near future, TPTB would seem to have the upper hand but that is not totally a given, for when two cymatic systems come together, they are initially quite chaotic in their devolving, but then usually reform into a higher and more complex structure.

Either way, it makes for interesting times. The litmus test today is what is your relationship with reality and for the person in front of you, do they have a functioning relationship with reality?

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Amazing Grace by Eva Cassidy

With over 120  renditions of this song on my hard drive this is my favorite. Enjoy.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gold Making Technology now Patent Pending

My patent lawyer in Seattle emailed me the other day advising that he had filed the US gold making patent and we are now patent pending.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to get involved in a modern day alchemy project and while I was skeptical at first, and confronted with many failures to replicate the work, we now have a new technological process (laboratory proven in 200 lab trials) to make precious metals, with the focus on making GOLD.

The whole BOSON buzz is $200 billion dollars misspent on determining “how matter is created from energy?” 

These scientists errantly assumed that the answer to this fundamental question was a High Energy Nuclear Reaction (HENR) hence the CERN and HADRON colliders, and overlooked is the fact that nature’s processes, demonstrated around us daily, that it can be a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). The pace of technology today is breathtaking and this is a case where technology eclipses the science. 

What are the implications of this groud breaking development?

What is apparent is this is an important milestone in what appears to be history in the making, eventually mining metals as is presently known, will become obsolete. We view the gold making process as both scalable and commercial with an eventual price point near that of aluminum. 

To see the background on the development go to:

In today’s world, anyone with a $100 bill in his shirt pocket is a self accredited authority on reality, when in fact they usually possess a rather tenuous relationship with reality. Needless to say this is a game changing technological development and we require the right capital to build the pilot plant and scale the technology up.

We have private placement shares available for screened accredited/sophisticated investors and you can subscribe to become a member of the Blue Eagle Refiners millionaire club (min, $25K).

Happy Valentines Day, Sovereignty and Prosperity to all.

Friday, 24 January 2014


From the Cree Tribe, wired with the Haplogroup X-2 DNA, in my 61st year, 1500 + sweat-lodge trips to the Eagle’s Domain (the great void where all potentiality resides). I’ve lived a wonderful exciting life (lucky in love) and have studied our native cultural wisdom and anybody else’s with any substance. 
This past year I was seriously injured falling a large Alder tree and came to a place in healing retrospection, asking myself what was my relationship with reality? I came away from that with the obvious, “I did not have a functioning relationship with Reality”.

Every teacher from time immemorial was trying to teach us (without actually saying it of course) that as beings we possessed tremendous unused spirit consciousness resources, and in each their own way, attempted to share their insights on how to access and utilise these, to our benefit.  The wisdom of the ages can all be distilled down to onboard brain chemical secretions, specifically the atrophied but golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. The ancients left us the transcendental schematic, the Caduceus Symbol reminding us that the path to enlightenment, was and is brain glandular secretions. The ancient symbol is misunderstood and has been reduced to a shirt logo for ambulance drivers.

Anyone who has lit a DMT pipe will tell you the brain is capable of processing 10,000 years of intense experiential data in only 10 fr*kin minutes. Unbelievable brain bandwidths are available to each and everyone of us. Our DNA designers did not leave us the owner’s manual and that has left us in this lobotomised brain state with atrophied pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. Fortunately they can be quickly rejuvenated and brought back on line seriously kicking up the brain bandwidths. Personal Sovereignty is a real achievable possibility.

The reality is we are living in an age of consciousness without a functioning relationship with reality. We need to get over the fact that from a cosmological perspective, we are an emerging civilisation with a multiple history as a failed society in the process of blowing it again for the umpteen time.

Of necessity, a functioning relationship with reality includes, a Quntum integrated perspecitve, Gnosticism, Alchemy, ET, Archons, Lockheed Martin Ben Rich’s alumni disclosure, knowledge of the advanced civilisations who built the precision stone megaliths (that we can not build today), being present to nature's process of creating matter from information encoded energy, LENR, that consciousness and matter are quantumly coupled, rejuvenated pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands, the value of service, a loving family and the wilful intention to have a source connected relationship with reality.

With these in place we have a chance to be in the cosmic game called life and without them we are basically hooped.