Sovereignty pituitary glands

From a vision perspective the March 11th 2011, 9.0 Japanese earth quake will ultimately prove to be one of those tipping points in our history. The solutions lie in reclaiming our personal sovereignty and creating an equitable world congruent with our inherent purpose and design.

We all have a brain with some very interesting chemicals and most of us do not know how to use the brain or access the chemicals in our brain. A fundamental question for each of us is what is going on with your pituitary gland today? For when we have mastery over our pituitary gland, the rest takes care of itself. With enough pituitary secretions, we can brain map shift from the alpha to the delta brain state, increasing brain bandwidth from 2000 bytes/sec to 4 billion bytes/sec.

Problems seemingly insurmountable at 2000 bytes/sec, become child's play at the higher brain bandwidth. The normal reaction to the notion of kicking it up to the higher bandwidths is that this will entail a great effort, WRONG, what could be more natural than using the brain as it was designed to be used vs the dysfunction of what we are doing with it now.

Like a duck takes to water you can quite easily kick up your consciousness bandwidth by reactivating your atrophied but golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. Anyone who has hit a DMT pipe will tell you that your brain is capable of processing 10,000 years of intense emotional experiential, binary, visuals, hieroglyphic uploads in ten frickin minutes. I went from being, a not so Civil Engineer, to a gold making Alchemist in two years. For Christ sake folks, kick it up!

The instructions on rejuvenating your golden glands are here:

To see an Alchemist at work in his lab making real gold in a kitchen microwave oven go to:

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Stuxnet Virus - Cyber WMD - The Real Story of Chernobyl

As we can see the Stuxnet Worm Virus was specifically targeted at the Iran Nuclear Program, but that it also has a generic PLC infestation propagation code and explains why it has already made its way into thousands of industrial plants in China. Nuclear plant operators and owners have a consistent tendency to downplay the severity of these disastrous events. They always say "so as not to alarm the public” and a inside out logic where it’s not ok to alarm them, but it’s perfectly ok to kill them.

This is a denial process where you have people that have made insane risk decisions and then can't face reality, consequences and liabilities when the inevitable disaster occurs.

The following video is the real account of what occurred in Chernobyl. Somewhere between 500,000 to 800,000 people died with hundreds of thousands more still dying. Europe was severely contaminated and the soils continue to poison people in the crops and fruits. Whistleblowers are jailed and the deformed children learn to waddle around like deformed hamsters.

I could not bring myself to display the graphic images of the nuclear babies born in the Ukraine, Iraq and Afganistan. WARNING IF YOU CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINKS YOU MAY LOOSE YOUR DINNER AND MAY NOT SLEEP FOR DAYS!!!

There is also a false sense of security about the present CME risks associated with electrical systems. In 1859 the world experienced a massive CME that took out the country's telegraph lines. NASA scientists recently admitted that earlier risk assessments were badly flawed and the upcoming Sun magnetic pole reversal 26 Dec 2012 could wipe out the grid and electronics. That could include the diesel back up systems for the continent's nuclear power plants and these could create problems that dwarf what we are seeing now in Fukushima.

The bottom line is that there is no such thing a cheap and safe nuclear power. The conflict of interest on the part of those telling us how safe it is, is appalling. Like listening to the rapist providing us with the statistics of rape incidences in our community.

Can we trust them? I’m afraid not.