Sovereignty pituitary glands

From a vision perspective the March 11th 2011, 9.0 Japanese earth quake will ultimately prove to be one of those tipping points in our history. The solutions lie in reclaiming our personal sovereignty and creating an equitable world congruent with our inherent purpose and design.

We all have a brain with some very interesting chemicals and most of us do not know how to use the brain or access the chemicals in our brain. A fundamental question for each of us is what is going on with your pituitary gland today? For when we have mastery over our pituitary gland, the rest takes care of itself. With enough pituitary secretions, we can brain map shift from the alpha to the delta brain state, increasing brain bandwidth from 2000 bytes/sec to 4 billion bytes/sec.

Problems seemingly insurmountable at 2000 bytes/sec, become child's play at the higher brain bandwidth. The normal reaction to the notion of kicking it up to the higher bandwidths is that this will entail a great effort, WRONG, what could be more natural than using the brain as it was designed to be used vs the dysfunction of what we are doing with it now.

Like a duck takes to water you can quite easily kick up your consciousness bandwidth by reactivating your atrophied but golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. Anyone who has hit a DMT pipe will tell you that your brain is capable of processing 10,000 years of intense emotional experiential, binary, visuals, hieroglyphic uploads in ten frickin minutes. I went from being, a not so Civil Engineer, to a gold making Alchemist in two years. For Christ sake folks, kick it up!

The instructions on rejuvenating your golden glands are here:

To see an Alchemist at work in his lab making real gold in a kitchen microwave oven go to:

The blog is meant to be read from the bottom up. Go to the right panel in Blog Archive start at the bottom and read in order upwards. In reading the blog, keep in mind the intent of expressed criticisms, of state of world affairs, are meant only to be an observed basis of, what is not very desirable, and at the same time to be the basis of clarity, to state and define what is desired of the world. Not making this important clarification would put this work in violation of the universal Laws of Allowing, and from that place of judgment, it would not have the power that it does.

Notes from New Energy Georgia Strait TEDx at UBC

The New Energy Georgia Strait TedX 2011-02-14

I think the expectation by the TedX organizers was that as an expert on new energy technologies, I would expound and regale you with tales of new energy techy toys. Yes I have a lot of firsthand knowledge of what is coming down the energy innovation pipeline (and yes it is a full energy innovation pipeline) and suffice to say that we have a low cost clean energy future within our grasp.

The problem is from a technology perspective, we’ve had this clean sustainable low cost energy future available to us this past century and yet little has become of it. Scalable low cost clean energy solutions abound and the focus must be in the propagation and diffusion of these badly needed solutions. The sustainable energy future we all desire is presently held within its meissner field limits and until these limits of, what is possible, are shifted, we will only get more of the same in our experience. Without the prerequisite meissner field shift, the new exciting energy techy toys will remain locked in that energy innovation pipeline.

Shifting the meissner field for new low cost sustainable energy solutions.

Some background:

My life service has been in a warrior stand for greater harmony. A strong engineering scientific research background superimposed over my formative childhood experiences with the Dene tribe on the banks of the Mackenzie River. I have lived a life in both of these domains.

In distinguishing the two domains, we can say the aboriginal domain is one of unity, oneness, possessing a higher level of quantum integration with priorities of beingness. The western domain is one of manifest destiny, competition, achievement, education and priorities of doingness. In sharing my experience within the two domains, maybe we can illuminate the hidden ore and mine yet more value from Aboriginal culture.

We are all inspired by Chief Seattle’s web of life, “we are all connected” speech and now science has provided the basis and quantum logic for this wisdom. The Wired translation of Chief Seattle’s perspective is that humanity is a networked manifesting consciousness organism running a default program creating our experience. The western perspective is quickly exceeding its entropy manifesting limits and must now shift up and integrate quantum dynamics into our reality model. Looking to those who have already achieved some quantum integration would be a good place to start.

I have spent my last 25 years in the research underground community. Cutting edge researchers go underground with their work because these all start out as heresy and nobody funds works of heresy.

These people risk it all for the betterment of us all and for their trouble, only receive our scorn. In working with these way showers, it is evident that the cutting edge underground researchers see what is possible before the rest of us, and that it can take a generation or two before the rest of us catch up.

I want to share some of these findings from the research underground, in the interest of shortening the solution time lag.

I participated in a NASA group study where scientists were interested in learning about possibility of how the mind can be coupled to interface with control systems for extended space travel. The opportunity to eliminate heavy ship control system weight could not be overlooked, and if the astronauts could control the ship directly with their minds, this was of great interest to NASA.

The peer reviewed paper was published in the American Institute of Physics as “Experimental Data Demonstrating Augmentation of Ambient Gravitational and Geomagnetic Fields, by Danielle Graham.”

Out of this and many other studies we can now safely conclude that at the very least, mind and consciousness play a role in creating our reality and more than likely, accounts for all of its manifestation. That’s right. We directly manifest our shared experience in humanity. While appreciating this newly discovered facet of reality is mind blowing for most of us, it is pretty much now a fait accompli.


Together we are making this whole thing up!

The choices of individuals, cumulatively create our shared social experience in a nonlocal manifestation process from the quantum field of possibilities to the material. Even small choices have the power of cosmology and decisions are just hollow decisions. Our individual and collective experience is a consequence of our individual choices or if a choice point is ignored (non-choices) that choice still has consequences.

How do we assimilate this new information and what do we do about it? How do we better utilize this new understanding of the process of manifesting our reality, to manifesting a reality of our liking, to one that serves humanity; from the life ecology destroying, to the life giving?

We are all born with it and somewhere along the way each of us bought into conceding this individual manifesting power, and along with it our personal sovereignty. If we are to survive what has been miss-created, the urgency is to take back our personal sovereignty and create anew.

All models, economic, environmental, social and political, are showing signs of severe stress. None of these areas are generating anything that could be interpreted as a signal that portends any longevity. All system stabilities involve spatial dynamic relationships, encoded information, mass, energy, momentum and none are immune from the science of chaos theory.

We can appreciate from the anthropologists that Aboriginal culture has left a rich legacy of knowledge and wisdom as their contribution to humanity. I suggest that more than just old dusty feathers and weathered carvings, there is yet a lot more value to be mined from this wisdom for humanity.

Knowledge all becomes outdated but wisdom remains through time. Our challenge today is to explore what that unique cultural wisdom legacy translates to, in a contemporary western perspective? What is the value of the elder’s message for us in our present context? What is the practical actionable value for us today from these two domains as we look for seemingly impossible solutions to our plight?

The solution lies not in doing something differently, the solution is in being something different. Neither improved planning, nor better politics will get the job done; only a better way will do it at this point. The present turmoil, calamities and challenges facing the world are catastrophic; on the other hand, the experience of overcoming these challenges will have been worth it if they bring about a new clarity of our purpose of humanity.

Re-asking the age old existential questions, what is the purpose in life? Why we are here? Who am I? Seeking these answers in new meaningful ways, may be the only secure course to our survival?

The wisdom of the ages can be distilled into four universal laws. These laws govern our choices whether they are conscious choices or unconscious choices.

1. The law of attraction,
2. The law of deliberate or intentional creating
3. The law of allowing (this is the hard one)
4. The law of focus and knowingness in balance (holding forth)

These four universal laws are present in the lore as a common thread in most of the world’s cultures. Clarifying these laws offer a message of wondrous hope for humanity, but at the same time, this hope is tempered with what seems to be an impossible turn around time line.

What the TV pundits are missing is an appreciation of the fact that humanity’s shared experience is a product of our collective field consciousness signal, and without any change of signal; only more of the same and even worse is the inevitable experience. Each of us will have to take this personal sovereignty question on, and commit to each our parts, if we are to come out of this for the positive.

In ignorance of the universal laws, there has been much discordant miss-creation signal already projected into the field of possibility and the consequence of these manifestations can not be avoided. If you do not already have a personal daily meditation practice, it is strongly suggested one be considered. In the Cree tribe, the source connecting practice was the sweat-lodge ceremony (visiting the Eagle’s Domain or the great void). For many today this would be one form or another of meditation. For those of you that do not know the many positive benefits, or have been resisting a meditation practice, as incentive you can start with the possibility that your sex life will greatly improve.

It is a process evolving from human doings, to becoming human beings. Acquiring a new understanding of our collective purpose gives to a better definition of individual and civic responsibilities. There is nothing to be done; no protest rally revolution in the streets is required to manifest the desired change, just being with ourselves and our circumstance in a new expanded and cosmological connected way, holding a solution focus and knowingness on that we choose for the greater good.

Quantum Mechanics bring a whole new meaning to Shakespeare’s famous line when he said the question was, to be or not to be.

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There are many great quantum integration resources available, choose your own flavours. However, these listed above offer sufficient access to source energy, getting you started on your own personal sovereignty journey.

Note: The TedX people are in the process of youtubing the UBC event and this link will be provided when it becomes available along with the powerpoint presentation.