Sovereignty pituitary glands

From a vision perspective the March 11th 2011, 9.0 Japanese earth quake will ultimately prove to be one of those tipping points in our history. The solutions lie in reclaiming our personal sovereignty and creating an equitable world congruent with our inherent purpose and design.

We all have a brain with some very interesting chemicals and most of us do not know how to use the brain or access the chemicals in our brain. A fundamental question for each of us is what is going on with your pituitary gland today? For when we have mastery over our pituitary gland, the rest takes care of itself. With enough pituitary secretions, we can brain map shift from the alpha to the delta brain state, increasing brain bandwidth from 2000 bytes/sec to 4 billion bytes/sec.

Problems seemingly insurmountable at 2000 bytes/sec, become child's play at the higher brain bandwidth. The normal reaction to the notion of kicking it up to the higher bandwidths is that this will entail a great effort, WRONG, what could be more natural than using the brain as it was designed to be used vs the dysfunction of what we are doing with it now.

Like a duck takes to water you can quite easily kick up your consciousness bandwidth by reactivating your atrophied but golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. Anyone who has hit a DMT pipe will tell you that your brain is capable of processing 10,000 years of intense emotional experiential, binary, visuals, hieroglyphic uploads in ten frickin minutes. I went from being, a not so Civil Engineer, to a gold making Alchemist in two years. For Christ sake folks, kick it up!

The instructions on rejuvenating your golden glands are here:

To see an Alchemist at work in his lab making real gold in a kitchen microwave oven go to:

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

On becoming a sovereign being.

The personal achievement of sovereignty can be approached from infinite directions; here is only one of them. I cannot say that I am yet a sovereign being, but I have achieved some of the critical mastery that puts that worthy goal within my reach.

As an unaccomplished master there may still be some value in sharing the benefits of my pituitary gland mastery experience. It has been said that mastery over the pituitary gland will put your transformational journey on a chemical mechanical rail and I believe this to be so.

A worthy and telling question is: why would any country outlaw a natural brain gland chemical, and do so under threat of 25 years imprisonment for simple possession? hmmmmm... Is it that someone does not want us to use our pituitary and pineal glands? The suppression thing might work for a while but the campers will figure it out, and even if you imprison them they will still be hitting on their pituitary glands in prison. This Genie once out will simply not go back into the bottle.  Junk DNA.... no such thing.... kick your pituitary and all that code starts to wake up!

A little background on the pituitary gland (lifted from Bob De at

“You can reverse aging by improving the quality of life as you age, by reversing or slowing down some of the biological changes.
The Pituitary Gland is located at the base of the brain. It is the most important gland of the endocrine system, because it controls the functions of the other endocrine glands. The endocrine glands secrete all the important hormones which control the functions of all the body organs.
Human Growth Hormone or HGH, the most important hormone, is secreted by the Pituitary Gland. It is the primary hormone responsible for functions of the brain, enzyme production, tissue repair and healing, reproduction and replacement of cells, control metabolism thus maintaining physical and mental health.
The Pituitary Gland secretes Human Growth Hormone from the time you are born. It is secreted abundantly during your childhood and peaks during puberty but it starts declining by the time you are 30. As you grow older, the functioning of the Pituitary Gland degrades and the levels of HGH secretion continue to decline at an estimated rate of 14% every 10 years.
MJB - Note: As adults we are unaware that we are culturally conditioned to quit using the pituitary gland, to where incredibly, doctors will even prescribe its surgical removal. Cutting out in ignorance, the single most important part of a fully functioning sovereign being, as an extraneous part!! – Please cut off any part of my body and I will be fine if I have my pituitary gland.
As you age, the level of HGH in the body declines, which gives rise to a lot of symptoms which are associated signs of Aging -
• Decline in Hearing and Vision
• Loss of Muscle Strength - Overall decline in Muscle Tone
• Skin and blood vessels become less flexible - thinning, sagging and wrinkled skin
• Loss of Bone Density - Osteoporosis
• Accumulation of Fat
• Decreased Cholesterol Profile - Increased LDL and decreased HDL levels
• Loss of Immunity
• Memory problems
• Loss of Libido
• Decreased Vigor and stamina
• Loss of Sleep
• Important Body Organs function less efficiently
Studies have revealed that, Human Growth Hormone is a Miracle Hormone which can Reverse Aging and help you regain your youthful vigor.
Let us look at how we can increase the level of Human Growth Hormone in your body. Pure HGH can be injected into your body but they are extremely expensive. Research indicates that the best way is to Stimulate the Pituitary Gland Naturally to produce more HGH instead of introducing or injecting HGH from external sources.
Studies have revealed that, pituitary glands of aging humans, if adequately stimulated, are capable of producing as much HGH as pituitary glands of younger humans.
HGH is the Fountain of Youth that we have been longing for time immemorial. Are you ready for the Miracle?
• Improved Immunity
• Higher Energy Levels
• Lower Blood Pressure and Improved Cholesterol Profile - higher HDL and lower LDL
• Stronger Bones
• Improved Cardiac and Kidney function
• Increased Libido and better Sexual performance
• Loss of Fat and improvement in Muscle Tone
• Tighter and wrinkle free skin
• Improved Sleep and Memory retention
• Elevation in Mood and Spring back in your strides
• And much, much more........ “
End quote ezinearticle.

More on the basics and the importance of the plumbing and hydraulics involved in doing the excersise.

These are only the basic physiological benefits from an atrophied pituitary gland (tip of the cosmic iceberg). Now let’s get to the good stuff and learn how to build up a huge juice secreting pituitary gland from the disused atrophied state.

How to secrete the precious liberating pituitary gland?

The mystics of old left us the caduceus, as a way shower symbol, to personal enlightenment. My experience gives the caduceus symbol interpretation as follows; the shaft represents the fluid filled spinal column and the entwining snakes the tail sphincter, abdominal body movement, chest muscular structure, neck and the orb at the top, the pituitary gland. The wings representative of your flight from the normal alpha states of consciousness, into the delta state and beyond.

Think of your spinal column as a three foot elongated “Freezie Tube” with the objective  to squeeze from the bottom of the tube and push all the juice out the top end, which will excert pressure on the underside of the pituitary gland, causing chemical brain flooding, which will then also drive a pineal gland secretion.

What could be more plainly descriptive?
Some grounding in ontological awareness (business of the isness) and quantum integration of perspective will be necessary to make sense of any of this information. I would highly recommend the Landmark Education Forum and some of their basic curriculum and then with those powerful distinctions of being, move on to the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) where you can learn C&E and other interesting quantum stuff.

Here we are some six months later…. start by doing some squats to prime the caduceus hydraulic pump. Move on to sitting in a meditation pose or lying down and do C&E (consciousness & energy) phased breathing technique learned at Ramtha. Ramtha teaches us that where we place the attention, energy follows and encoded in energy, is vital information.

After you have energized the body and mind with C&E use the fluid filled spinal column as a hydraulic system by clenching tightly with the sphincter, moving the lower spinal fluid reservoir upward sequentially with each set of muscles in the abdomen and neck until you start getting some chemical brain flood pumping action. Use the arms to apply further body pressure (use your body muscles in the same way fighter pilot G-suit keeps blood pressure from draining away from the brain). With practice you will get better muscle set distinction and with a bit of a snake like body movement you will get more pressure on the pituitary gland. What is intended is to move as much fluid from the bottom of the spine and force this bubbly up into the brain, being careful all the while to not let the fluid picked up from the lower, slip back down, as that releases the pumping pressure potential up top. Incorporate a visual intention of hydraulically moving the spinal fluid upward with snake like body motion.

Keep practicing and developing this technique as with every (even minute) pituitary secretions achieved, we are bringing the pituitary out of its atrophied state toward its full blossom. Each glandular secretion seems to increase the pituitary capacity until we are able to reach the tipping point alpha -delta threshold dosage level.

Holding intention knowingness and repetition actually forms new neuronet synaptic connections in the brain. We are in a mastery process of consciously and deliberately re-wiring our own brains. Now after thousands of deliberate pituitary secretions, just getting out of the car or standing up, nearly puts me over the top. When we achieve larger pituitary dosages, we get into the kundalini epileptic state (full body shaking convulsions), its time to let go, and that’s where the caduceus wings come into play. Just simply let go, the juice does the rest.

These two images will assist you to know how the skill of muscle individuation control is what it is all about to move the fluid up under the brain.

What I have come to call the kundalini epileptic shaking state is a little unnerving, but pay it no mind as that is just our resistance to the letting go and vibratory tuning that is needed to cross over the threshold. When you are ready to take wing, just consciously intend to abandon all life and pump your pituitary gland. With sufficient pituitary dosage, you will momentarily blink out of consciousness and blink back in. You will then be in the expanded delta state of consciousness. The pituitary naturally drives the secretions in the pineal gland and for those of you who have experimented DMT or in native ceremonies with Iowaska, you will recognize the pineal chemical buzz. But unlike the nose cone rocket ride of the DMT pipe (see the book, DMT, the Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassmanthis will be using your pineal gland as it was intended to be used, subordinate and in conjunction with the pituitary gland.

Would I recommend DMT or Ayahuasca? Answer: a cautious yes, but with the strong recommendation to go with your own brain chemicals and as they were designed to be used in conjunction with other glands, rather than some experimental academic protocol. 

Holding the greatly expanded delta state of consciousness is the next part for us in mastery and becoming a fully functioning sovereign being. I won’t go into that part of it so as to avoid subjectively transposing my stuff on your own pathway or intimate experiences.

The following gif vid graphically shows you what we wish to accomplish.

Suffice to say we need not use any outside chemicals as we have them all in our own brain and just need to learn how to use them.After 61 years in pursute of wisdom and trancendance, it comes down for me to knowing the body's plumbing, nothing more.

Mastery over the pituitary gland can ultimately lead to reclaiming our sovereignty of being. I personally think its cool functioning as a source connected being, congruent with intended design, purpose and service. You might too.

In service,

Martin Burger


  1. Thanks! Great article; hope I can master this too...

  2. Hey Preacher..... you can take it beyond hope to master this technique. Like walking for a bipedal creature, it is the basic design of the body and being and it is only a remembering. Something this basic comes pretty easy if we start with that knowingness as our premise.

  3. Another interesting interpretation of the Hermes caduceus symbol is that it shows the three main prana channels up through the human subtle body.

    The ida and pingala, when they close over the central sushumna channel as shown in the symbol, prevent the flow of energy moving through the sushumna in the region of the spinal column, limiting higher consciousness, so when yoga or any other mystical technique is done (or just loving the right way, if you are already spiritually advanced from some previous lifetime for instance), the ida and pingala move away from the sushumna, no longer crushing the sushumna channel, thus allowing energy to move through the sushumna freely once again to help facilitate higher consciousness, opening doors into higher chakras with their different multidimensional senses and mental faculties.

    Once the doors are open, you, the soul, can use the opportunity then to call out to God to manifest for you visually, using a Sanskrit prayer like Om namo bhagavate Vasudeveya, for instance, whilst focussing on the chakra at the back of the neck, with the tongue rolled up and whilst focussing on the Pole Star, Druvaloka, above the head, which is the only spiritual Vaikuntha planet actually existing in this particular material universe.

    You can also use other techniques like this if you like, from the book 'The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali'. That book is really good, and shows how to practice 58 main siddhis, and simple pranayama will also do this, the same technique that they give to pregnant women more or less, to lead into your yoga state; simply close the right nostril with the right thumb and breathe out, then breathe in through the left nostril, then close the left nostril with the middle (not the index) finger and breathe out of the right nostril, and then back in, and carry on for a few minutes, changing back and forth between each nostril in just the same way. There are many variations on that technique. You will find that both nostrils open equally after a while (normally, only one nostril is fully open at any one time, this changing in cycles throughout the day). When you are relaxed and the two nostrils are equally open, this indicates that the ida and pingala will also be moving apart from each other, to leave the sushumna channel unobstructed also. That is how I was taught in Kriya yoga anyway.

    You can have some amazing experiences without any drugs at all, as some chemicals in the brain are 200 times more powerful than heroin fror instance.

  4. Typo - should read Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, and the Patanjali book says to recite it inwardly just three times. It worked for me, as Krishna manifested in various forms fully after that in His two-armed form, and as Jagannatha, Subhadra and Baladeva, and to this day, some 35 years later, Krishna manifests in various ways still whenever I offer Him some water and a tulsi leaf, and is always especially pleased whenever I pray for the spiritual progress of other souls to be completed to allow them to return to the spiritual world; most recently, a couple of days ago I was looking at some ammonite fossils on my alter to Krishna, and prayed for the souls who would have lived in those ammonite bodies to become spiritually fully self-cognizant by the grace of the presence of Krishna, and to remember their eternal relationships with Him that enable their eternal self-cognizance as spirit souls, so that they could return to Vaikuntha, and suddenly Krishna manifested standing up in an ocean, raising His arms in joy, surrounded by ammonites in the ocean.

  5. Regular fasting can increase the output of HGH from the pituitary gland by an amazing 1150% according to Dr Mercola, and the yogis use regular fasting on auspicious dates to enhance that in a spiritual manner, certain days being very special to do fasting on.

    The Russians have found that fasting once every 10 days increases the human life span by 10 years.

  6. Mothaman777

    Wonderful inputs.... sometimes it feels like I'm the only one to have learned how to access these wonderful chemicals but obviously many have learned to do so long be for me.


  7. Update: When one starts the pituitary pineal gland rejuvenation process we are naturally concerned with simply achieving brain chemical secretions and then working to increased these to super states of consciousness.

    Trust the body and stay with the work and you will soon find yourself shifting from the lack of brain chemicals to having the body make too much of it and you will then have to manage overshoot conditions during the routines of your daily activity. The pituitary and pineal glands do behave as the eastern mystics claim and when the 1000 petal lotus starts to bloom, every secretion is followed with an even larger secretion. You will start with a wilful effort to achieve the golden secretions and end up having to deal with secretions when you did not consciously intend to achieve them.

    The humanity DNA designer did a great job of providing the hardware but left the task of writing the user manual to those of us inclined to explore our innate potentials.


    1. could you make a video on this and put it on youtube?

    2. Yes I could make a video and when I get time to do so I will make one. The video would show me in a sitting position doing some breath work bodily working the spinal fluids up to the lower part of my brain. At a blink out dosage you would see me fall over momentarily and then blink back into a super state of consciousness.

      Anybody can do this work as we are designed to do so but have lost the memory. After the brain glands come out of the state of atrophy they start producing automatically just with normal body motions.

    3. I found a school of conciseness as you mentioned that they are none existing
      Thank for all this info, seem like it take quiet a bit of practice to achieve a such state of conciseness, would be great if you could do a video.

    4. Thank you for the link, I will check them out. Another great consciousness resource is Ramtha's Mystery School and there is none better to get an Ontological Foundation than the Landmark Education.

      The thought, "it take quiet a bit of practice to achieve a such state of conciseness" if you believe that to be so, it will be so. On the contrary it is a natural body function and if you are ready for it, it can not be kept from you. How long did it take you to learn to pass gas? Think about it. Had you never passed gas and were instructed to learn to do so you could say that this feat would be a difficult process to learn. The pituitary is the regulating balance key and the active dynamic is the pineal (DMT). I am now to where I have to watch myself in doing chores like a chainsaw cutting on a ladder, not a good time to have an involentary blink out dosage of brain juice :)

      Thank you for visitnig the blog.

    5. I too have experienced that a lot, particularly in the days when I used to do TM, and I would find myself looking down on my body from about 1 foot to 18" above, or even looking vertically upwards from a position above my head, sometimes even looking out of my body from the back of my shoulders for instance, and I almost always used to be able to see right through my forehead when meditating, even when my eyes were completely closed, perfectly clearly just as if my eyes were completely open, sometimes even seeing through thicker solid matter at a distance, one occasion being in which I heard a knock on my door, and I did not know who it could be, and straightaway, even though my eyes were closed, and I was 20 feet away from the door, a glass wing, about 6" to 8" thick and about 4 feet deep issued from my shoulder, becoming progressively thinner towards the tip, covered in big eyes, all of transparent colourless glass, with no 'feathery' appearance by the way, extended out from my right shoulder and passed right through the wall, the tip of the wing being several feet above the visitor, and I could see clearly who it was and exactly how he was dressed, all the eyes acting as a compound eye, so that I could see from any position along the wing that I wished, the tip having extended through a solid brick wall for a couple of feet or so. Even when I opened my physical eyes as I prepared to stand up to open the door and welcome my guest, the glass wing was clearly visible and my eyesight extended throughout it's length, though it was the case that my eyesight from within the wing was sometimes more focussed , in that it was centered in different positions within the wing, though I also saw from every position within the wing all at once at times.

      When I got up to open the door and welcome my guest in, it was indeed exactly who I had seen whilst meditating, dressed exactly as I had seen. On other occasions throughout my life, from early childhood, I have experienced big glass eyes covering various parts of my body and being able to see from them, entire limbs turning into transparent or golden 'glass', exactly like the old woodcuts of witches covered in eyes whilst dancing together in the woods, or the medieval paintings of angels' wings and bodies covered in eyes.

      One time I was riding my motorbike with a friend on the back, and I suddenly found myself looking down from above and behind my own head, upon both of us on the bike traveling along a curved road, and my body was entirely automatic in continuing to steer the motorbike. This concurs with vedic teaching, that the individual soul mind merely proposes a train of thought or desire in the human brain, or physical activity, and then the oversoul implements that, so our mental thoughts, words, and physical deeds are not the immediate and direct acts of our own souls, but those performed by the Oversoul (everyone has an individual expansion of Krishna - Paramatma - the communal head of all souls) in the heart chakra, whilst those under the illusion of maya erroneously consider that "this is MY thought, MY speech, MY physical action. The individual soul does have it's own thoughts, but they are expressed on this limited material plane only after being filtered and regulated in this way whilst we live in external material bodily coverings, which we do not have in the liberated state in the spiritual world beyond the astral and beyond the formless Brahman white light.

      Others who practiced the TM technique also often witnessed their bodies from a distance as their bodies automatically performed everyday activities, like cutting up the vegetables whilst cooking and so.

      Since dropping the TM technique, I experience different phenomena, but they are just the progression of those initial experiences.

    6. Mothman you are a high bandwidth Dude.

      The rich Vedic knowledge in India suffers from the same problems of message distortions as in Egypt. 1200 ton granite stone precision cut by someone who knew what they were doing and the Egyptians themselves have shown themselves by not building so much as a square mud hut since.

      Have you attempted to access any brain juice with your Caducean plumbing?

    7. Hi Sovereignty,

      Yes, the vedic knowledge has become distorted in Kali yuga, though there are always attempts here and there to revivify and clarify the path to spiritual reawakening.

      There are 800 different commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita from every type of swami there is, all claiming to have the answer. What remains is to try the various methods, see what happens and see if any of their teachings are corroborated by what you yourself perceive.

      I have done several types of yoga besides TM, and had several initiations in different schools, several of which have recommended the rolling up the tongue thing, which strengthens the flow of energy up the Sushumna, as the tongue when not rolled up to the roof of the mouth allows a great proportion of that energy to become dissipated before it can rise up to the higher chakras. The energy is still conserved though when the tongue is used in physical conversation that is devoted to the subject of the culture of spiritual knowledge. Prajalpa is the term you will have come across for useless expenditure of such energy in trivial conversation for instance, that causes the energy to become dissipated uselessly through the tongue itself.

      I think that my mental chemistry must have become changed as a result of past yoga practice, and it continues to change as I refine my prayers, so that I do not seem to lose my level of awareness, though the depth and type of my experiences does fluctuate and gradually become more refined.

      Krishna is always pleased when I pray for others to have an increased experience of His Grace, with the intent for them to have greater awareness of their own eternal spiritual qualities reawakening concomitantly, and I find then that I myself also receive more intimate communication from Krishna, and greater spiritual self-cognizance.

      To be increasingly with Krishna and to progressively become more awakened oneself as a result satisfies me more than anything else could, as without that spiritual acceptance and security, even the most powerful siddhic experiences would only be accompanied by anxiety and insecurity, as I would be like someone when the sunlight is gone who cannot see anything, who could fall down at any moment.


    To be with Krishna is to be fulfilled, as the security of knowing that the Higher Self God is actively communicating with you, giving you spiritual shelter, is the surest foundation in spiritual life, upon which the deepest relationships with not only God, but all others can be built, also allowing one to have the deepest of self-knowledge. It is held in Vaishnava teachings that to be with Krishna in loving devotion is to have received the equivalent of the fulfillment of the goals of all the other types of yoga as well.

    I don't do much in the way of physical techniques of yoga at present, my present attention in yoga being given to prayer to Krishna. Maybe the juice is flowing a little in me, sufficient to help me rise above the grosser levels of awareness, and more easily maintain the slight awareness of Krishna that I am blessed with, though to pray to Krishna and receive His communication instantly does not seem to be accompanied by any easily discernible chemical change I must say. Maybe I have the chemistry already established to some slight degree through past physical yoga practice, though ultimately, Krishna does not require for any soul to change their chemistry for Him to become evident to them, though a change in chemistry and prana certainly helps to move the blinkers of the layers of the subtle and gross mind away to permit the individual soul to remember the truth of there being other realities beyond this one, and then they can be more ready to accept the extraordinary, when Krishna manifests to them. When I first saw Krishna, I could sense that what I was experiencing seemed to be a living being of cosmic proportion, but I had no idea at that time who I was in fact with, and it was only years later, when I first saw pictures of Krishna, and read descriptions that explained who He was, that I realized who I had been visited by.

    The sweetness of the spiritual security of that seems to satisfy me without me having to to do any further physical method of any type, though I do practice fasts on ekadasi, that being a holy day that occurs every two weeks throughout the year; I think you would enjoy that very much, as Lord Krishna is that day, so He gives very good spiritual advancement for all who observe fasting from grains on that day, though on most of the ekadasi days one can eat nuts, fruit, and most vegetables as long as they avoid grains, and that enables one to gain more sure knowledge of Krishna.

  9. Really great stuff Sovereignty! Thank you for writing this. I really want to figure this out.. Only thing that worries me is the uncontrollable doses that catch you off your guard. Can you learn to control that? It seems it might interfere with work and relationships. Also, is it dangerous to try if I'm not particularly skilled at meditation?
    Thanks for any input!

  10. Jake,
    I would not be too worried about the gland activation secretions. At first do the technique either sitting down or laying down, as for later when the glands have become rejuvenated and you start getting auto-secretions, yes sometimes we can be caught off guard with larger dosages but the higher self seems to look after these things and we adjust to the new state of being. Always remember that having active brain glands is normal and having non active glands is abnormal.

    1. Interesting.. Thanks. This makes me think of yogic bandhas which supposedly lock 'prana' into the central spinal channel. Have you heard of samadhi? It seems to be similar to the superconscious state you describe, although i've heard you can get there without any spinal or pituitary manipulations.

  11. This sounds like bollocks to me.

    1. To you and 99% of the bell curve....suggest you find the remote and watch a ball game and not trouble yourself with the nonsense of learning about the higher faculty of your own brain.

    2. 'Sovereignty' is clearly, from the above reply, clearly no saint, so all his 'Krsna' bullshit is clearly imaginary, as are his 'super powers'...

  12. I like your overall direction of focus, but also feel compelled to give you a head's up about spiritual counterfeits.

    JZ Knight managed to crib some interesting information from occult texts in order to have a set of disciplines for her school, but she is a fraud.

    Whatever positive contact she may have once had is long gone, and all that remains is her ego, greed and the archontic beings who lap up the energy of devotion her students generate during overly-long C&E sessions. These beings parasite energy from her students in many other ways, while JZ soaks up all of their money. I'm reminded of the joke "What do you call a rich Ramtha student? A beginner."

    Her C&E practice is relatively tepid compared to real yoga, and one could achieve the same pumping mechanism via a well-rounded Kundalini Yoga practice, or even just the Five Rites. Heck, doing a handstand will give you results just as good as C&E.

    To be very clear: Ramtha is not there, and if he was there at one time (which is debatable), he left before she even started the school. Talk to some people who were there in the old "dialogue days" and attended his farewell event. There were no more dialogues after that, but after some time she launched RSE, and has been faking it ever since.

    If you want to be firmly rooted in reality, learn to discern more deeply. The unfortunate reality is that most people positing themselves as enlightened teachers/gurus and cultivating followers are frauds or at the very least ruled by their ego. This is true in the higher dimensions as well as here on Earth. (As above, so below...)

    The guru-trip is a slippery slope fraught with pitfalls, and JZ is not the first nor will she be the last to fall into glorifying her ego instead of Source.

    To be sovereign means to have No rulers, No masters above you. A sovereign recognizes every being's connection with source, and understands that while many beings are under the archontic spell of mind-control, ultimately all beings are equal in the eyes of Source.

    Therefore a Sovereign being will not place themselves above others, will not seek to control another, and will only rule their own self. Any teaching that a Sovereign being delivers will be free from ego distortions (as much as possible) and will seek to engender within the student their own direct realization of their Self and connection to Source.

    1. I appreciate your input and guru cautions. The Ramtha Mystery School was a positive experience for me and it was while doing the C&E work there that I stumbled on the glandular access and for that I am eternally grateful. I have not been a student of any guru for sometime preferring to make my way on my own, though remaining open to any useful knowledge from any source. I've recently renewed my interest in Gnosticism seeing it in a whole new light and the Goddess Sophia feels right for me.

    2. I'm glad you're out of there and have moved on to bigger and better things. :-)

    3. Pituitary and Pineal (DMT) secretions now on autopilot throughout the day as long as I'm active. Focusing on making gold and scaling up the technology, patent filing, and now learning how to make EVP recordings with a Master Alchemist in another dimension. Life is good!

  13. ok, i basicslly only been meditating for a year and change and only understand superifical amounts but i want in. i started with binauaral beats and thats what first started my awareness. But do you guys have any concrete advice as to literally what to do next. like are these schools necessary? i can relate to SOME of the experiences listed here but i got a career and two lil kids. all my awakening has to happen at night, late. i dunno i want more but not sure what ui should do next?

  14. Joe,
    Remembering a lost way of being is the most important aspect of rejuvenating the golden brain glands. At some distant past we utilized these faculties and the consciousness encoding still exists.
    No the schools are not essential but they do provide solid progress foundation to this work. The distinction “ontological” can not be intellectually assimilated and has to be experienced hence the recommendation to the Landmark training.
    C&E is also a very difficult concept to convey in a blog so hence the training and both of these are needed elements. If I were you I would be clear about choosing to achieve these transcendental milestones than about how you are going to do so. Leave that up to the gods so to speak.
    As for being limited by children…. Sorry Joe, that is a copout excuse. Everyone has children and while they have demands on our lives they do not limit our lives.
    A pilot’s G-suit would likely give you enough pressure on the body internals to chase up the fluid in the spinal column causing a secretion…. I don’t know, but what ever works, go for it.
    Know that with every micro milligram of these brain chemicals achieved the next attempt will bring more.
    Good luck with your “Kicking it up”!

  15. Thank you, Sovereingty, for this wealth of information! It aligns with everything I know to be true... both intellectually and intuitively. More later. Blessings, Peace and Love,

    1. Mark,

      That was very kind of you to acknowledge that.


  16. Just found this site, very interesting.

    1. Thx.... please share the juice discovery with like minded folks.

  17. so many words and phrases running around my head that i want to convey, best just to impart thanks and salutations. i often wonder why i took this "mission", then my path returns me toward like polarities and the subtle anxieties lessen. i totally dug the ducks story. i never knew how it was done willingly, but most animals dig me/my nature as it were. very cool, thanks to you all and those on the other side that passively remind me of who i really am, and why it's not all bad all the time!

    1. I see you have finally opened up to the ancient vedic information, or at least acknowledge that those old yogis knew their 'stuff'. too .... I am a voice from the past .. wondering where you got your pilots G suit?

    2. As a life long wisdom junky I've always had a high regard for Vedic wisdom and I take their written history as verbatim. In a small way I see protocol stuffiness and hence my preference to the Native Spirituality and the Gnostic wisdom. As a visionary, their perspective of 2000 years ago is simply breathtaking, the fault is only in our techno hubris, in not appreciating this wisdom. I sure you can find surplus G suits at a good price but you can "Kick it up" naturally with the technique described above. I understand people will think such feats are a big undertaking but it is really a "Duck to water" learnable technique.

  18. My spiritual awakening was through Mr.Soverignty. his Ted talk was mesmerizing. Since then have taken Landmark and have learned to secreet the juice. I am now a soverign being. No fear. Just compassion contentment sincerity forgiveness and truth. The five nectars of life. One being, one love <3

  19. Hi. Thank you for the article. I have been searching for the real deal for many years ,I can sense by the writing that this is real.

    I was hoping to start on doing this right now but was disappointed how you started off with "okay now do the C&E thing you learned"...huh? What is this C&E thing? Firstly I live in Japan, I can't attend some workshop, and I also want to know what it is bcause I may already know the technique already.

    How exactly do you "pump" the fluid up, I understand tightening the sphincter but the details suddenly got very vague after that.

    I appreciate your efforts. I want to learn this stuff for real, there's way too much fluff out there.

    1. Phil:
      Everything you need to know to access and rejuvenate the golden glands is on the blog. I have put in two outside resources as foundational prerequisites (Landmark Education Forum course and Ramtha’s mystery school C&E [consciousness and energy technique] only because they teach those fundamentals better than I could ever do on a blog. The landmark training will take you from a “human doing” to a human being. Saying that will only perplex you more so just take the course they offer them in Japan. For the C&E meditation yoga technique, you’ll have to travel to Yelm Wa to take that training.
      These are leverage tools for you and acquiring this knowledge will speed up your process. The key objective is to cause glandular secretions from hydraulic fluid pressure on the underside of the brain and the beautiful part of this is with every secretion you get a higher dosage to the point where you achieve a blink out dosage and take flight. When the glandular rejuvenation is progressed sufficiently you will start to secret on auto-demand as is needed. When I was writing the gold making patent I was literally bouncing off the hallway walls from my office to the kitchen for a cup of tea. You have this fluid filled spinal casing and you can figure out how to chase that fluid up to your brain (think of a flight G-suit abdomen pressuring this fluid from the bottom upward). Train your abdomen to do the same and you will get results.
      In some special cases I do provide individual coaching assistance for a paypal fee but appreciate that my time is getting scarce with the needs of my alchemy gold making project. If you wish to discuss this option further you can reach me on skype at wildblue09.

      Good luck in your mastery efforts

    2. Thank you for your reply, but pleaes realize you aren't really explaining how to do it. You're really just saying how cool it is when "you figure out how to do it". The carrot has been dangled in front of me for over a decade now. I don't think you realize who I really am and what I am to do here on this planet. If you did, you would respond completely differently.

      I am not willing to travel to Yelm Wa for something that hasn't been explained what it even is. For all I know it could be something I am already aware of. Much of things you posted here I am already aware of, such as the sphincter and its crucial role.

      I am very familiar in creating my own reality and personal development, I need to be certain these courses are really crucial and required, not just more time wasting carrot dangling.

      I am not frustrated at you at all forgive me if it seems that way.

      How much is it for coaching?

    3. I am almost certain that C&E is probably no more than breathing into the belly and getting intra abdominal pressure and maybe at most, circulating chi to get the body "buzzing" Ive never seen any place offering any more than this, this is as "advanced" as it gets in my experience. Pleaes feel free to tell me how far off the mark I am. As for the landmark thing, I have been using personal development for over a decade to become an entrepreneur and work for myself earning an income from my passion. I am familiar with manifestation thoughts etc.

      I am going to assume that is the preliminary steps and then follow your instructions. But your instructions still are a little vague in terms of HOW to pump the fluid up to the brain using the muscles. If you could please clarify that would be much appreciated

    4. Me thinks you are making this more complex than need be…. when we finally get on the same page here you will be saying to your self…. This is too easy…. Appreciate that this is how we were designed and is really as natural as breathing or walking. I’ve said elsewhere on the blog the NDA designers gave us the hardware but did not leave the owner’s manual.
      In communication we have what people are actually saying and then we have why they are saying what they are and the communication distinction in that is “listening to somebody’s listening”. I’m getting from that you are a capable individual but that some of you assumptions are in need of clarifying.
      It’s all there in the graphic with the infant with the frosty tube. In your mind you roll that up from the bottom and the slush will be pushed out the top. No pay attention, if you squeeze the tube anywhere you will displace fluid, but the objective is to move it up through the top. So back to your fluid filled spinal column you press from your sphincter region and then you have to move this up 6 or 7 times to put pressure on the lower part of the brain. If you allow the fluid to flow back down you will not have anything left to push on the glands. The key is too pick up the fluid from the sphincter push it up a couple of inches… hold with the abdomen muscles, do some breath work (with your attention and intending) and move the collected fluid up another couple of inches. If you loose it, you have to go back down and start over and push it up again. This is not hard to do but you will not get it in the mind, you will get it by practicing and letting your body tell you what is going on.
      I would not be too quick to dismiss either the landmark or the Ramtha CE work. They are both well worth the value and will give you access to what is for now apparently a seemingly obscure but plainly simple instructive conversation.
      The personal coaching is $100/session up to one hour.

    5. Thanks for the reply. I will spend some time training then get back to you. Just one last thing (sorry to make this a huge back and forth) will there be any distinctive sensations when i correctly pull the fluid into the brain? Or do i just go through the motions anyway?

    6. When you start getting glandular secretions you will get light headed and eventually reach a blink out point .... make sure you are sittting down or lying down when you start getting to this level or you will colapse in your blink out from the alpha to the delta.

      You have to get off the flourides and chloriines as these calcify the brain glands.... Go for it.... remember that you are not learning something new but remember what your body knows at the celular level. Have at it bud!

    7. From my own access discovery blrain gland experience the landmark and ramtha prerequisists were essential .... I could not have put this braind bandwidtrth boosting together without that information.... in your case I already have the keys and we may be able to hand them to you.

    8. It not about how smart or wise anyone is with this technique, it’s more about how coachable one is and will you do the work and learn from your own body feedback. Its simple you have maybe an ounce and a half in the spinal casing, you chase this fluid up and cause pituitary and glandular secretions from the hydraulic pressure to the underside of your brain, simple as that.
      If you could reach up there in the bottom of your brain with your thumb and finger and apply slight pressure in this area you would get the DMT brain flood bandwidth boosting hit. Go for it!

    9. Extremely thankful for your replies. Thank you Martin! I will have a go myself and get back to you if I get lost and see if we can do some coaching. I will write back in this section in a week or so

    10. by the way, if your third eye is there a way for you to see WHO I REALLY AM? Deep down. Can you see it?

    11. My coaching assistance for glandular access is US$50/ hr

  20. I'm wondering the same things as Phil. It's not exactly clear how one should "pump" the fluid up the spine. I think I might have experienced it before when getting up very quickly from a squat position -- I felt blood rushing to my brain and saw everything turning white -- but I'm not sure if this is what you are describing. If possible, could you make a video detailing these techniques?


    1. I also forgot to add that the techniques you describe in this blog post sound very reminiscent of kundalini based pranayama practices involving the bandhas in addition to some of the sexual tao practices as espoused by Mantak Chia. Are these indeed the same thing?

      Thanks again!

    2. Dante.... see my response to Phil above. Yes getting up quickly from a squating position can cause brain chemical flooding. you are on the right track.Trantric is also another glandular access pathway

    3. Thanks for your reply. I have just a few more questions.

      1) Is it possible to do this on the exhalation? I feel like I can only bring this fluid up if I inhale.

      2) To trap the fluid in the brain, is a breath hold necessary?

      3) If I inhale and then hold my breath with my chin down, I feel pressure in the sub-occipital region and in my skull. The longer I hold my breath, the more this pressure increases to the point where even my face and lips start tingling and pulsating, and I hear a rumbling in my ears. I can increase these sensations more if I "push" on it from my abs while holding my breath. This is something I've always been able to do, more or less, but I never thought much about it. Is this what you are describing in this blog post?

    4. break your abdomen muscel groups into about 6 or 7 groups, I find the breath hold facilitates the movement for maximum fluid movement and presure. you are only working at any one time with two muscel groups like your hands on a fluid filled hose. the lower hand holds the fluid in the hose from gong back down and the upper hand pushes it up to the next level and at the end of that movement the uppper hand become the lower fluid hold hand while you move up to the next level.

      You will get a lot of tingling sensations and the buzzing pulsing signature sournds will be there as well.

      My sense Dante is that you are on track and will achieve the secretions.

      Best of luck,


  21. Go back and look at the Caduceus and each coil of the snake is chasing the spinal fluid upward (shaft), and with practice high dosages are achieved and you take flight (wings).

  22. A lot of nonsense and disinfo here, watch bills lessons on YouTube under bdona4556.

    Meditate in a dark room, take no thought and everything else will take place naturally.

  23. Nightwatchman, Sorry you did not find anything useful here, rock on with your own journey.

  24. A lot of talk out there these days with decalicifying the pineal gland and while that me have some value, my advice is to just squirt it and it will take care of itself. The pituitary and pineal glands rejuvenate very quickly on their own, just elicit the secretions until you achieve it on autodemand.