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From a vision perspective the March 11th 2011, 9.0 Japanese earth quake will ultimately prove to be one of those tipping points in our history. The solutions lie in reclaiming our personal sovereignty and creating an equitable world congruent with our inherent purpose and design.

We all have a brain with some very interesting chemicals and most of us do not know how to use the brain or access the chemicals in our brain. A fundamental question for each of us is what is going on with your pituitary gland today? For when we have mastery over our pituitary gland, the rest takes care of itself. With enough pituitary secretions, we can brain map shift from the alpha to the delta brain state, increasing brain bandwidth from 2000 bytes/sec to 4 billion bytes/sec.

Problems seemingly insurmountable at 2000 bytes/sec, become child's play at the higher brain bandwidth. The normal reaction to the notion of kicking it up to the higher bandwidths is that this will entail a great effort, WRONG, what could be more natural than using the brain as it was designed to be used vs the dysfunction of what we are doing with it now.

Like a duck takes to water you can quite easily kick up your consciousness bandwidth by reactivating your atrophied but golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. Anyone who has hit a DMT pipe will tell you that your brain is capable of processing 10,000 years of intense emotional experiential, binary, visuals, hieroglyphic uploads in ten frickin minutes. I went from being, a not so Civil Engineer, to a gold making Alchemist in two years. For Christ sake folks, kick it up!

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Clarifying Underlying Life Assumptions Which Are Presently Killing Us.

We all have this nonstop internal mind diatribe that lives for each of us like it’s something real, when it is just an effluent garbage stream of the alpha simple mind, operating only just above a comatose bandwidth level. As I write this, I am presently in the Alpha mind state and in this limited state, my mind is as nearly fucked up as yours. The difference is I’ve trained to brain shift from the Alpha to the Delta state and can now do this at will (and with a little coaching, you can too).

After tiring of the material, we are all left trying to figure out what is going on, what life is all about, and we feebly attempt to do this with only the context of our earthly 3-D experience and current memories to go on. Appreciate that we enter the 3-D material space from some other space or dimension, traversing the stupid veil in the birth canal, forgetting who we are, what we are, where we came from, and to what ends we came here for.

This fundamental life contextual framework could be called our “existence agenda” both personal and collective, and to formulate any hypothesis about life without this vital framework perspective, is by definition, insanity.

And it’s a pervasive insanity accounting for 99% of the troubles and discordance in the world today. The consensus of the seers is that the interpretation of what is commonly thought to be heaven is only a very limited transposed view, from the known, over to the unknown. And to appreciate how limited this view really is, consider in the normal Alpha brain state, we are only running at 2000 bytes / second and in the Delta brain state, up to 4 billion bytes/second. This is what a mind is capable of, and when quantumly integrated, a transmitter receiver field function mind App is activated where we can be frequency specific dialled with any mind past, present or future.

Have you ever picked up the telephone to call someone and even before it rings, you are surprised to find the party you are calling is already on the line calling you? This is a very natural brain function and many of us have had these experiences. Why shouldn’t we start to accept them as day in and day out normal capacities like breathing?

At the higher brain bandwidths, our cosmology vista vastly opens up and when we finally leave the body at the end of our lives through secreting the pituitary and pineal glands, we return to that space or place where we originally came from, the vista opens up even more breath. Note: After the soul leaves the body, the body weighs 11 ounces lighter.

The bottom line is from the so called normal and sane state of mind (Ph.D or otherwise) we are completely handicapped in perspective and left to piece this all together without any cognitive tools to do so. The analogy would be to drive a Formula 1 race car wide open on a racetrack blind folded and expecting to finish the race intact.

Now with these facts in mind, we either have a Creator God with a very fucked up sense of humour or there is some deeper obscure purpose involved in life.

To glean the deeper intent and purpose of life, we can see consistent themes of advice in the messages from the sages and great teachers of the ages.

Know thyself,

You are of divine nature,

You have creative divine manifestation capabilities and you too can produce fish for the multitudes, Christ said plainly, “What I do, you can do as well and even more”,

There is eternal life in the house of the father,

Native Shamanic wisdom and practice provides us with ritual access to some of the more accessible broader vistas. Unseen (to the normal perspective) beings and entities are frequently encountered and these are quantumly coupled to our shared field of consciousness. While hidden from most, these are obviously a dynamic factor in the space. An ontological clarified individual will tell you as well that our experience flowing forth in life is not a consequence of what we do, but how we are being in life.

The web of life, and how we are all connected (eastern mysticism says there is only one of us here) is a subtle but profound aspect of reality. Nonlocal effects of the coupling consciousness field mechanisms have been demonstrated conclusively in the physics labs. A leaf cut from a plant and taken across the street into another building and then hooked up to a lie detector, will instantaneously register a response to someone damaging the host plant back across the street. WTF?

New insights into the neuronet sciences, quantum biology, telomere management and breakthrough research in DNA now explain why ancients were said to have lived to 900 years or more and in using this new science, how such feats are possible for each of us today.

Experiences in these other realms and after witnessing the wonders over there, all that can be said about the matter is that it is way beyond the limits of language and certainly nothing like the 2 dimensional transposed interpretations from our local Sunday preacher or for that matter, the pontifications from our Pope. This is mind-blowing shit and duffing it on your couch clenching your bible quoting scriptures will never give you access.

A purposeful life, where we hope to accomplish what it was we initially came here to do, will take these factors and many others into account, recognizing firstly, that the premature conclusions and assumptions about life and purpose are from a greatly disadvantaged perspective, and wanting.

As the adept nears the end of the DNA helical ascent (transformational journey), he/she will invariably acquire an illogical interest in the matter of the Stone. Nothing to say there, but piss on it!

Peace and Unity, Brothers and Sisters,

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