Sovereignty pituitary glands

From a vision perspective the March 11th 2011, 9.0 Japanese earth quake will ultimately prove to be one of those tipping points in our history. The solutions lie in reclaiming our personal sovereignty and creating an equitable world congruent with our inherent purpose and design.

We all have a brain with some very interesting chemicals and most of us do not know how to use the brain or access the chemicals in our brain. A fundamental question for each of us is what is going on with your pituitary gland today? For when we have mastery over our pituitary gland, the rest takes care of itself. With enough pituitary secretions, we can brain map shift from the alpha to the delta brain state, increasing brain bandwidth from 2000 bytes/sec to 4 billion bytes/sec.

Problems seemingly insurmountable at 2000 bytes/sec, become child's play at the higher brain bandwidth. The normal reaction to the notion of kicking it up to the higher bandwidths is that this will entail a great effort, WRONG, what could be more natural than using the brain as it was designed to be used vs the dysfunction of what we are doing with it now.

Like a duck takes to water you can quite easily kick up your consciousness bandwidth by reactivating your atrophied but golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. Anyone who has hit a DMT pipe will tell you that your brain is capable of processing 10,000 years of intense emotional experiential, binary, visuals, hieroglyphic uploads in ten frickin minutes. I went from being, a not so Civil Engineer, to a gold making Alchemist in two years. For Christ sake folks, kick it up!

The instructions on rejuvenating your golden glands are here:

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hindering Expolitic Hubris


The UFO phenomenon poses many unanswered questions and contemporaries have gone to great lengths to attempt to answer these questions. To make the subject even more challenging, there is disinformation and a ton of noise. When we glean through the noise, we find, to a large extent, most of the mystery has been solved and many of the baffling questions answered.

The remaining question that has not been answered is “If they are real, then why do they not just simply land on the Whitehouse lawn, hold a press release announcing their existence, arrival and intentions?”

Good question.

In present reality, the answer to this question is not a very popular one and it’s not something as a species we are in any way prepared to look at. The bottom line is that there is really nothing here on earth, as expressed in our humanity, which is of any interest to someone who has mastered interstellar travel and transcended their pre-stellar limits that we in humanity have yet to address. It is only our hubris to think that what we have evolved to offer the cosmos is of any consequence.

Get over it, come to grips with the fact that to the trans-dimensional entity, at humanity’s present bandwidths, “we have the porch light on, but clearly, nobody is home”. 

Let’s just say we were able to briefly catch one of these travelers attention and he or she indulged us in an exchange dialogue. What would he learn from the earthling? Idle chatter about the weather?  No, not chemtrails, we can’t go there, the latest on Dancing with the Stars or who was booted off the reality TV Island?  Perhaps a discussion on the wisdom of bombing a modern country of 75 million intelligent innocent people?  Even offering up some esoteric science or so called wisdom would not do the trick. I’m afraid it would be a pretty short conversation as nothing of interest could be offered to our Star Traveler.

We on earth need to appreciate that the Star Traveler has a functioning relationship with reality and that we simply have not evolved or possess such a faculty.  They have a functioning relationship with reality that permits them to understand the material, dimensional and the energy informational encoded holographic realms we all inhabit. The entity uses his or her brain and even a small portion of the mind, where we on earth use virtually neither.  A species with a modicum of a functional relationship with reality would have a school of consciousness, would it not? There is no such thing on this planet and until there is, we will remain locked in our prison of hubris.

On the other hand, cave art and native lore tells us the Star Travelers have visited many of the tribes millennium ago. We have their accounts in vivid detail in most of the world’s native lore and cave paintings. What did the tribes have to offer of sufficient interest to the Star Travelers, warranting species interaction where nothing we have today is of any interest to them?   

Stellar minds and trailblazers like the dear departed Terrance McKenna provided clues in sharing  detailed trans-dimensional experiences with us to no avail. Terrance had personal interaction with these entities with the use of sacred herbs. What was lost on Terrance was the fact that we have these magic DNA activating hormones in our own brain chemistry kit and the fact that we can use our home grown glandular secretions to expand our consciousness bandwidth, availing ourselves to fuller functioning relationships with reality, accessing the domains of the more grown up entities in our shared space.

When people hear this they usually go to a place in their mind moaning about having to learn the impossible when in fact is like a duck taking to water to learn how to properly use the body and fuller capacities of our brain. It was designed and meant to be and the technique is actually quite easy to learn. To learn how to activate these glands and achieve pituitary and pineal gland secretions scroll down the blog, the perspective evolves from the bottom up. 

The message is loud and clear from John Mack’s extensive abductees work. What is of interest to the Star Travelers is our Royal Flush DNA hand that we’ve been dealt. The fact that we as a species have yet to realize the great potential to what this special DNA resource means to the universe is another matter and does not diminish its value.  We’ve set our transcendental bar too low, a Ph’D and a bank account is not any measure of a successful life (that was never our purpose). Each of us has to become a human being (not to be confused with a human doing) morph a mind of Terrance McKenna and a Dr. Bill Deagle and you would have a starting place to play the game called life. Kick it up.

As well the universe seems to have a built in protective viral defensive mechanism to contain aberrant mutations so as to not infect broader space. It’s clear from the hidden archaeological record that a species like ours comes and goes when we fail to transcend our self imposed limits / fears and learn to embrace empathy, love, transcendence, creativity and infinity.

We now near another critical threshold where we self destruct or somehow find a way to join our Star Traveler in the discovery/destiny of our shared future or not. 

What’s your pleasure?



  1. Hi Martin,
    I arrived on your blog not really by searching for it but after a comment you made on Jon Rappoport.
    I have read some entries of your posts and I wonder why you seems so desillusioned ? I checked your bio quickly and you have a wonderful origin (do you really have Cree ancesters ???) and successful achievements.
    To the point I'd like to make to you, why would ETs not stop on earth since they would not find around any valuable things ? Well, I believe this is not very kind to ETs because your reasons would mean they do not know what love is. Truly intelligent people are loving creatures that are interested in others less blessed than they are. We, humans, are fond of animals, we love to see children, we feel compassion for the distressed ... If ETs where to reach earth, I'd suppose they would not be so arrogant as you pretend they might behave toward us. Though, I agree that in general, humanity is still in an early age despite all its achievements but that doesn't mean we would be skipped by superior creatures.
    Best !!

  2. Hello Avi

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. You wondered why I was so disillusioned. I don’t feel disillusion and may come across that way in only trying to reflect on the present state of humanity which could hardly be described as a high point. I hold tremendous optimism for our potential and for our future but it will take some effort by a lot of people and the event clock is ticking faster each day forward.

    The Aliens as whole do not find us very interesting given the bandwidths we are operating with. The Aliens who earlier had a role in dealing us this Royal Flush DNA hand do have an interest in seeing something positive come of their previous efforts and see to do this from a non interference policy perspective. The gave us tremendous hardware but forgot to leave the owners manual for the super states of consciousness.

    Kicking up the bandwidth is much easier than imagined and I encourage you take a look at the material on becoming a sovereign being. Link to:

    Kindest regards,


  3. Hello martin I just happen to stumble onto your blog and I am very interested in your theories and ideology, I feel as if I keep getting signs thrown in my face about things I don't even try to pursue whether it be weeks or years apart something always seem to come to light after taking in and letting go of a previous discovery, stumbling on this site for example. I've been on a spiritual quest with the aid of different properties and have found my what some call the third eye slightly open with different experiences I have had, That being said Im still a young man and am starting to believe these just aren't coincidences anymore. Would it be possible to leave u an email address in hoping I can further converse and possibly learn.

    Thanks for your time


  4. Well said. No disillusion up in this bandwidth.